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Why our yoga studio in Milton Keynes is the perfect place to practice this Autumn

Can you believe it’s 8 years ago that we opened the door to our beautiful, character-filled studio! We’re so pleased that our tranquil studio provides so many practitioners the perfect space to feel great about exercising and focus on their wellbeing. As Autumn draws in, it can be harder to leave the comfy confines of our home and keep energy levels high to make the trip to the studio, so we’ve listed a few of our favourite reasons why you should keep up your practice at Whitespace as the cold weather draws in.

Experienced teacher insight

Whether it’s before, during or after class, all are invited to ask our teachers questions and tap into their valuable knowledge and wisdom that you simply wouldn’t get from practicing alone.
What’s really wonderful is you’ll never experience the same class twice!

Our teachers are constantly developing their own practice and with this bringing new ideas, techniques and stories to class that makes you move, think or feel in a different way each time you step through our front door.

Distraction free zone

Having a home practice is great to supplement those times you really can’t make it to the studio, but with so many daily distractions & responsibilities, your practice could easily become disturbed. Our studios are created to have an immediate calming influence as soon as you step in the door, and our no mobiles policy takes the temptation away to see what that latest ‘ping’ is. Take off your shoes, switch off your phone and enjoy this wonderful friendly haven we’ve created for each and every one of you.

Development & Challenge

The thing about our bodies is that they don’t always want to move or bend in the way asanas demand. That’s why practicing with one of the experienced teachers we’ve got on our timetable is great – they can correct any misalignment in the poses, for beginners and even advanced practitioners alike. This reduces the risk of injury and reduces our bodies bad habits like slumping our backs.

There’s always a way to develop and challenge yourself too. With over 55 classes a week, play-shops and workshops, there is always a way Whitespace can introduce you to something new which you might have never considered before.

Autumn at Whitespace Studio Milton Keynes

Make the most of your visit

Our snug studio provides the perfect escape to cosy up by soft candlelight and indulge in ‘a mini-retreat’ with back to back classes to make that journey in the cold worth it. Wind down mind and body by staying for Deep Relaxation on a Wednesday evening after Carly’s Yoga class or slow things down and listen to your body after Kathy’s Yin class on a Thursday with meditation that follows straight after.


It’s amazing to see the close relationships so many of our practitioners have with our amazing teachers and fellow yogi’s. Our comfy couches and tea in the reception provide the perfect place for you to catch up and exchange stories and advice. (Did you know our Way of Life Members get free tea and coffee on every visit!)

We’re proud to bring together a studio that offers a safe, warm and supportive environment for personal growth, healing and enjoyment. Plus, we’re passionate about making a difference to in the local community too, by putting on events and fundraisers throughout the year to raise money and support local charities.

Our Timetable

With so much to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect class for your autumn. Click below to see out upcoming schedule.

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