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What I learned in MY Teacher Training

Embarking on anything new can be a big deal right?

I’d been practicing yoga for a few years before I decided to do a teacher training. When I signed up, I had absolutely no intention to teach! 

I simply wanted to deepen my practice and learn more about the big shifts I felt happening in my life. Little did I know where this immense, beautiful roller coaster ride would take me…

Here’s a few little gems I discovered along the way –

deborah berryman teachin gyoga

It’s not about the poses! (I know, shocking right?!)

The asanas (the physical postures) are simply a means to an end. What poses I could (or couldn’t) do weren’t nearly as important as HOW I did them. We learn a lot about ourselves in the way we show up on our mat – how we do anything is how we do everything, Yoga gives us a set of tools so we can go about the business of knowing ourselves in an honest and compassionate way. We may have healing to do, or have coping mechanisms that no longer serve us. Releasing tension from the mind-body allows us to access the essential part of us underneath all of that stuff and to flourish.

The way things look on the outside will never fill that hole on the inside.

I knew happiness was an ‘inside job’, but without any other strategies, I was still stuck in the pattern of putting my energy into fixing the externals – relationships, jobs, self image, even flashy-leggings and advanced poses! Needless to say, it didn’t work. This practice is not about performance or what the poses look like, it’s about transformation. It asks you to dance with your shadow-self – the parts you’d rather not see, admit or share – not so that you stay in the darkness, but so that we embrace the whole juicy lot and stop running. Only then can we feel whole.

Seeing things clearly is the key to our freedom.

What we think is the truth is often a story we’re telling ourselves – to validate what we already believe or for self preservation. The trouble is our perceptions are so distorted by our ‘stuff’, they can often cause us a great deal of suffering. How we see ourselves and the world has a lot to do with how life is going to feel. Yoga gives us the tools to face reality as it is, even when it is not as we’d like it to be. And there’s a lot of power in that.

This training is a powerful journey of self-discovery and it’s not for the feint of heart. In order to take these concepts and really understand them, you have to immerse yourself and live them. Yoga practice is a beautiful guide, set of tools, philosophy, art, and way of being in the world. If you’re ready to dive in, a teacher training might be exactly what you need.

Few things give me greater joy than sharing the tools and ideas that have changed my life, and I am joined in that feeling by my excellent friend and amazing teacher, Dawn Wright. We’ve put together a curriculum that is exciting to us both. Whether you want to teach, or you want to change your life, or you want to do both, we could not be happier to take this journey with you. The adventure begins this Autumn, don’t miss the ride! Sign up here.

Sending you love, and hope to see you there!

Love Deborah

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