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To our Whitespace family

Firstly, it needs to be said that your kindness and support during this difficult time has not been lost on us. We see every email, like, comment and share, and if there’s any silver lining in all of this, it has to be the incredible way this community has come together to support one another – even if that has been digitally! Thank you.

Adjusting is hard, but we’re in this together. Now, more than ever, we believe finding a moment to move, breathe and be still is critical to keeping mentally calm and physically healthy.


Our online classes and services are easily accessible in the usual way via our website or app, where we’ll be joining you at home through your phone, tablet or laptop.

We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you offerings that we think you’ll LOVE with your favourite teachers!  Just like IRL (in real life….a new term I’ve recently discovered!) we appreciate all
of our customers are unique and want different things from our studio experience. And so we’ve come up with a few different ways we can stay connected…

  • ON DEMAND classes:

    A shorter daily class (usually 30mins) for you to watch and practice at your leisure (before everyone’s up or when the kids are asleep perhaps?)

  • LIVE sessions:
    Join your fave teacher via Zoom, including a reception hang-out 10mins before class starts!

  • PRIVATE 1-to-1 online sessions: 
    If you prefer the personal touch, we’re offering online private sessions.

Starting with 14 classes a week – a combination of on-demand and live class options – for you to enjoy in your own home. 

As more people sign-up to our virtual studio, we’ll add more classes and content!





To re-instate your Way of Life Membership, please email

For members who have already contacted us to request (nay, insist!) continuing with their existing Way of Life memberships, we are so deeply grateful. In doing this, you are providing important support to our teachers and Whitespace so we thank you for that.

If you know any NHS staff, or you are one yourself, or you’re facing financial difficulty and can’t pay for a class, please email us using the button below.

How to access Virtual classes

Step 1.  Buy your pricing option
Visit the pricing page and choose the option above which works best for you.

Step 2.  Book your class
Book your class as usual through the class timetable.
– All classes can be booked a week in advance, up to 30mins before
- Bookings can be cancelled up to 30mins before with no charge

* The class will be available from the scheduled time up to 7 days
* Visit the Whitespace website Virtual Studio at the top of our homepage

* Once you’ve downloaded your free Zoom account on your desktop, iPad or phone
* You’ll be sent joining instructions via email 15 minutes before class starts. (check your junk/spam folder)
* Please make sure your whitespace account has all email boxes ticked*
* Click on the Zoom link in the joining instructions and hey presto, you’re in!

Step 3.  Enjoy!
Roll out your mat & enjoy a delicious, soul-soothing practice to boost your mind and body!

Your continued support has become more important than ever before. We love this community and are doing everything we can to hold it together. 

I’d like to express my deep gratitude for our teachers who have done an AMAZING job in helping us get this off the ground, for their incredible work to remain calm and supportive for our community at this time. Without you, we would really be out to sea!

We truly can’t wait to welcome you back to your mat in the studio. We miss you!
On behalf of myself, our teachers and team members – THANK YOU – for your support.


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