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Want to know the secret of feeling great?

We’ll let you in to the REAL secret of feeling great….(wait for it….) it’s called:

I know, it’s perhaps slightly disappointing (because as human beings we tend to like quick fixes) but it’s absolutely true.

K. Pattabhi Jois (a brilliant and renound Guru) famously said “Yoga is 99% percent practice and 1% theory.” and as practicing yogis ourselves, that’s our experience too. Coming to class once a week is a great way to kick-start a healthier new you, but to REALLY feel at your happy and healthiest, it’s 2-3 classes a week where you’ll feel a BIG difference.

The cumulative effective over the week helps you to get stronger and more energised in your body, and calmer and more joyful in your mind. Our members who come to a few classes a week are always sharing stories about how their practice is changing their lives for the better.

So with Spring in the air, perhaps it’s time to have a rethink about your health goals and start making new plans for a healthier, happier you!

feeling great

Here’s some ideas on how you can shake things up a bit.

  • Always taking a Basics class? Maybe it’s time to step up the pace and try a Flow Class
  • If you’ve been ‘Flowing’ for a while, check out a Level 2 class or some workshops.
  • Or if your practice (and life) is always physically demanding, try out some classes that work more on letting go like Meditation or Recharge and Restore

Give your practice (and maybe your life) a good Spring Cleanout with the old, giving space for something new and fresh to arrive.

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